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(Guangzhou daily news media reporter Wei Lina) Guangzhou medical university female students Zhao at the Liuhua Lake Park murder case, yesterday morning at 10 in the Guangzhou intermediate people’s Court of first instance verdict, the defendant Zheng FA Cen guilty of rape, sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life; guilty of robbery and sentenced to four years imprisonment; punishment. Decided to implement the death penalty, deprivation of political rights for life.






p >女生失聯<が殺害されて瀋んで尸プール




two days, 14 days at around 17, Liuhua Lake Park cleaners in the park pond in search of a woman’s body was found, have been deliberately killed may be identified as the missing zhao.


security personnel identified by DNA, gait comparison, video surveillance tracking method investigation found a nickname called “dog” record personnel have a major suspect. The 15 day at 17:30 PM, police officers in an Internet cafe in Yuexiu District Wang Road Guangzhou city station and arrested him. The fingerprint and DNA identification, check its true identity for the Jiangxi man hair Cen zheng.

click here   法院审理查明,2015年9月12日19时许,被告人郑发岑在广州市越秀区流花湖公园勐苑水池边见到路过的被害人赵某某,遂从后面勾勒赵某某的颈部,将其拖至勐苑“家×饭店”旁边的草丛中实施强奸。其间,被害人赵某某激烈反抗,被告人郑发岑用衣物绑住被害人的双手,并用衣物捂压被害人的口、颈部,接着继续对被害人赵某某实施强奸致其死亡。之后,被告人郑发岑将被害人赵某某的尸体沉入勐苑水池中。经法医鉴定,赵某某系被扼压颈部、捂口鼻致机械性窒息死亡。

court found, September 12, 2015 19 am, the defendant Zheng Facen in Guangzhou city of Yuexiu District Meng Yuan liuhuahu park pool to see the passing of the victim Moumou, Moumou was from behind the outline of the neck, next to them to Meng Yuan “home * hotel” grass rape. In the meantime, the victim Moumou fierce resistance, the defendant Zheng Facen clothing tied the victim’s hands, and with chothes pressure victim’s mouth, neck, and then continue to the victim Moumou rape caused his death. After that, the defendant Zheng Facen will be the victim Moumou bodies into the pool of Meng yuan. The forensic identification, Moumou was briefly press the neck, cover their nose and mouth caused by mechanical asphyxia death.




The court found the

, including the Liuhua Lake case, defendant Zheng FA Cen involving a total of five rape crimes, of which two cases with robbery.


2009 October 27th 8 pm, defendant Zheng Facen Lane behind Jiangnan street in Zhejiang city of Yongkang province Yongkang fourth middle school, Liu Moumou rape of pregnant women, and the implementation of the robbery.


this is due to the crime of rape, March 15, 2011, Zheng Facen was in Foshan city Shunde District People’s court sentenced to six years in prison, was released in March 2, 2015. Only after half a month, Zheng Facen began around crime, within six months of continuous four cases of crime.


Court: the defendant extremely serious crimes sentenced to death


accused Zheng Facen of rape confessed. The convection Lake case, he argued that the Zhao Moumou found dead, he just insulted the injury on the body, the victim may cause is to move the corpse of the.


court that, according to the forensic evidence and other evidence that can prove the defendant Zheng Facen met the victim Moumou when the victim has died, the defendant in the rape of the victim of violence.


court held that the defendant Zheng FA Cen rape behavior were five times, causing one death and sink the corpse; the defendant of rape crime recidivism, often in public places, including a victim for pregnant women, should be recognized as vile crime; also robbery behavior; it cannot truthfully confessed his to rape crime victim Moumou death, poor attitude.




sentence the defendant Zheng FA Cen guilty of rape, sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life; guilty of robbery and sentenced to four years imprisonment, fined ten thousand yuan; graft, decided to implement the death penalty, deprivation of political rights for life. After the verdict, the judge asked Zheng Facen to have no opinion. Zheng Facen said “no” sentenced to death, but denied killing Zhao, said it would appeal.





the victim Moumou was killed when he was only 21 years old, is an only daughter. According to the roommate memories, Zhao Moumou cheerful, roommate and good relationship. Zhao is not only good at studying, but also versatile, can play the piano and sing. A week will follow the school volunteer team, help autistic children or the elderly.


roommate said Zhao wanted to apply for Xinghai Conservatory of Music, listen to the arrangements for the family of the medical school. Zhao studied medicine at the same time, also continue to learn music. From the beginning, she will follow the professional vocal music teacher training, every weekend to go to class, usually after dinner 18 to 19:30 can a person to vocalize liuhuahu”.


the day of the accident, Zhao and his roommates had dinner together, and they parted at 17:40. From her next action track, Zhao Moumou or in accordance with the usual habits, to Liuhua Lake Park to vocalize, perhaps because of this reason, she didn’t go to the park in a secluded place.


Zhao Moumou killed the whole family suffered a heavy blow. His grandfather died in the incident after half a year, Zhao mother is difficult to accept this fact, suffering from depression, has yet to recover.


involving personal privacy, the two trial is not a public hearing. According to the civil lawsuit attached to criminal lawyer agent Xie Bingrong, Zhao Moumou father sits on the clenched fists trembling, he suppressed feelings of sadness and anger in the force”. Zhao’s family to give up civil claims, urge the court sentenced the defendant to death.


yesterday sentenced, Zhao Moumou father kept leaning posture, carefully listening to the judge read the verdict. After listening to “accept the result,” said Zhao mother because of health reasons did not come to the scene.

buy it   案发时被告无精神疾病父亲称其内向自卑

when the defendant without mental illness called the father to the inferiority of




According to the testimony of

Zheng Facen’s father, the first grade junior high school dropout Cen Zheng FA, a year studying automobile maintenance, 17 years old to go to work in Zhejiang, 22 years old start him. He described Zheng hair Cen, introverted, ambitious, inferiority, not good with their parents and others, does not deal with the village peers.


hair sister Zheng Cen finally met him in the summer of 2009, and has since lost contact. In her impression, do not love to speak Cen Zheng hair, not what good friends, love reading a person, was very obedient at home, reading.








to hear the sentence, Zheng Facen has been down the silence. After the sentence he said to appeal, and asked the judge to appeal two times.


The judge allowed

, Zheng Facen and the father of three years no relatives in the brief meeting after the verdict, Zheng Facen father to kneel down and cry.

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